How can I get a grant?

To get a grant from the Foundation, you'll first need to visit and follow the steps on the Apply for a grant page.

Please note that the Spring/Summer 2019 grant application window has now closed as we are preparing for the next funding period.

You will then need to fill in an application form, detailing why you’re applying for a grant and how the funds will be used.

If we think your application ticks the right boxes, we’ll let you know what grant funding is available to you.

Types of grant funding you can apply for include:

Plus Plus An Individual grant

For Paradigm Housing residents, up to £1,500

Plus Plus A Group grant

For a company or organisation.

Plus Plus To apply for more than £5,000

You will first need to fill in an Expression of interest. We will then let you know if you are eligible and ask you to fill in an application form.