Foundation grant supports lifeline for families affected by drug addiction

Posted on the 22nd May 2019

Paradigm Foundation’s grant of £9,960 last year has helped fund charity DrugFAM’s much needed work helping families in the High Wycombe and Chesham area struggling with drug and alcohol addictions.

DrugFAM provides a lifeline to families, friends and partners affected by someone else’s addiction to drugs and/or alcohol and also those who have been bereaved by substance misuse.  They aim to ensure that people who contact the service are listened to, understood and supported. Their professional support services give families the strength to break free from the impact of someone else’s drug or alcohol use.

During 2018 DrugFAM supported over 11,500 people dealing with over 10,000 calls to their helpline. 97% of clients say that contacting DrugFAM made a difference to them.

Andrew McBarnet, DrugFAM’s Financial Director commented: “Thank you once again for Paradigm Foundation’s generosity in supporting the work we do and the impact that our services make to the lives of families affected by someone else’s substance or alcohol abuse.”

You can find out more about DrugFAM on their website here.

Case study (name changed)

Mandy was trying to cope with her 18 year old son, who was addicted to drugs.

“I had pain, anxiety, isolation and no-one to talk to and I was struggling to find a way to help him and myself. I couldn’t eat or sleep. I felt I was a bad parent, a complete failure and the shame was unbearable. No one could possibly understand unless they were in that situation. I was hopelessly alone and very miserable – my marriage was at breaking point.”

It was her boss who advised her to get some help and that’s how she stumbled across DrugFAM online.

“They told me that it wasn’t my fault and looked at ways to help. I attended group sessions and it was unbelievable that everyone else had experienced the same things and had done the same things like giving them money, food and paying rent. I no longer felt alone.

Mandy learnt that every time she gave in to her son’s demands, she was enabling him to continue with his addiction. After giving him £1,000 to pay off his drug dealers, through DrugFAM she found the strength to break the cycle and not give in to him. Her son knows she won’t give him money to feed his habit.

“DrugFAM’s support and guidance has enabled my life to be so much better and has given me the hope that my son will eventually be clean.”

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